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Payroll Services

Payroll Services in North Bay, Ontario
Payroll Services in North Bay, Ontario
Payroll Services in North Bay Ontario

An increasing number of companies have been outsourcing non-core business functions in recent years. This is due to the need to streamline business operations. So, the rise in payroll outsourcing is no surprise. If you've just started a business, you may be wondering how you will profit from payroll services. Outsourcing payroll offers several benefits. When you hand over the management of your payroll to a third party, you will get to save time and money. You will also not have to worry about compliance issues. If you wish to hire the best payroll service in North Bay, then you should contact us today.

Save Time and Money

As you must have heard several times, time is money. In-house payroll processing is laborious and time-consuming. What's more, the requirements for this task will only increase as you hire new employees. So, you will have to dedicate more resources to this task as time goes on. The time you will be spending on your payroll and data management will be taken from the core functions of your operation. You can save valuable time by hiring a payroll and tax service. This time can then be invested in more profitable tasks.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At North Bay Bookkeeping Services, we provide payroll services with the aid of cloud-based systems. This enables us to guarantee better accessibility, data integrity, and audit tracking of the process. Also, we offer clients broader online access by centralizing payroll information. This is faster and more convenient than submitting requests in-house. Furthermore, we can assist you in integrating your payroll and HR systems. The integration of these systems boosts workplace efficiency, saves time, and lowers operation costs. Finally, we make use of advanced analytic tools to provide valuable information on your payroll and human resources management.

Enhance Data Security

Identity theft and the misappropriation of funds are some of the several security risks involved in in-house payroll systems. Even if you have the most secure payroll software, you still have to consider the safety of your server. Outsourced payroll services like ours can provide your business with the high level of security it requires. Asides from storing your data on cloud-based servers, we will also encrypt your information with innovative technology. Furthermore, our use of electronic payment methods ensures that errors are easily traceable. This will protect your business from possible losses.  Our high-end technology will be too expensive for an in-house payroll system.

Avoid Errors and Penalties

The employment regulations, tax laws, and compliance requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency are complicated due to their ever-changing nature. This has made it necessary that anyone in charge of a company's payroll stays updated on these changes and keeps accurate records. They will also have to provide payroll data and statutory reports promptly and accurately. Our employees have been trained to carry out these tasks with zero chances of error. When you hire us, you will be shielding your company from errors that could result in heavy penalties such as fines.

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